About Us

How we started.


Edna Runner started her Tutorial Center in the basement of a church 30 years ago with a clear vision but a monumental task.  She believed that the children of Limestone Creek in West Jupiter deserved an opportunity to live the American dream.  The 100 children that we now care for are given an opportunity to excel in school so that they can go on to further their education, build meaningful lives, and graduate from the poverty of their present circumstances.  These children, many of whom will grow up to be lawyers, physicians, professionals, and athletes, all have a common challenge because they do not come from a privileged background.  This was a task that faced Edna Runner.  How do we keep these kids out of trouble, and let them lead meaningful, productive lives.  To this end the Edna Runner Tutorial Center was founded and has been making an impact on the children of Limestone Creek for almost 30 years. 

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